System Guide

You know us as Alice, or Central Avenue, and we typically speak collectively, with one voice. But in our head, there are quite a few distinct voices, and sometimes those distinct voices want to make their individual thoughts and feelings known to the outside world. What follows is a brief guide to all the Alices™️ you may encounter in your travels.


created with picrew by @hunblooms

Full name: Millennium Adora Chrysanthemum Maybelle Brie
Pronouns: she/her
Emoji: 🌠
Birthday: January 1, 2000
Age: 1,000 (early 30s, roughly synced to our chronological age)

The reluctant adult of the group. In addition to handling most of our day-to-day responsibilities, including our full-time employment at an industrial supply warehouse, Millennium also writes most of the content for this blog.

Millennium likes to think she’s pretty clever and charismatic, but she’s also aware of how much she still has to learn about the world. Her life’s dream is to become a stand-up comedian, though she acknowledges that our social anxiety would likely be a major obstacle. Her favorite song is “The End of the Tour” by They Might Be Giants.

Princess Alice

art by @paintbrushDjinn

Full name: Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice of Centralia
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Emoji: 👑
Birthday: August 10, Never
Age: NaN (usually about 13, but sometimes as young as 6)

Born from Millennium’s fantasies of an idealized self, Princess Alice is essentially a middle schooler’s self-insert character: an eternally young alien princess with godlike powers and an ego to match.

The Princess’s interactions are almost always “in character”—she refuses to acknowledge that she is very much stuck in a mundane human body, rather than the omnipotent construct of pure magic she professes to be. Her favorite song is “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston.

Note: “Princess Alice” is also our default username on several platforms, even where we typically speak collectively. But addressing us as though we were a 13-year-old fantasy princess is never unwelcome.


art by @paintbrushDjinn

Full name: Charlotte Ann Brie
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Emoji: 🌈
Birthday: December 2, 2010
Age: eternally 8

A rambunctious 8-year-old, born from a conscious desire to live out the girlhood we never got to experience. Charlotte loves cute stuff, like rainbow teddy bears, pink iPods, and the Pretty Cure series. Often the most emotional of the group, Charlotte never hesitates to make her feelings known. Her favorite song is “Part of Your World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.


created with picrew by 脳内花畑症候群

Full name: Celeste
Pronouns: they/them
Emoji: 🌃
Birthday: ???
Age: ???

The system’s self-proclaimed “secretary”, Celeste considers it their duty to ensure that the rest of us take care of ourselves. Though this can often push them into the role of a “no-fun” parental figure, they are always ready to step forward in the event of a crisis and keep everyone safe. Their favorite song is “Forever Young” by Alphaville.


created with picrew by @enkkong0223

Full name: Princess Rose
Pronouns: she/her
Emoji: ❄️
Birthday: December 21 (winter solstice)
Age: about 4

As the youngest and most vulnerable alter, Rose occupies a special position in the Central Avenue system. Rose tends to make her presence known only during times of great stress, and all other system members, including the other children, will immediately drop everything to comfort and protect her. She communicates in a very childlike way, typically speaking only in short sentence fragments. Her favorite song is “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John.